Nicole Beach Resort

If you are looking for a wonderful beach resort that doesn’t have too many tourists, you should check Nicole Beach Resort out.  Because the resort is secluded, there aren’t too many guests that go to the beach resort so you won’t find yourself rubbing elbows with fellow visitors when you are staying at Nicole Beach Resort.

Aside from the advantage stated above, the thrill of getting to the beach resort adds to the brilliance of the place.  After just about less than two hours of leisure driving from Manila, you have to take a 20-minute boat ride from Brgy. Wawa to reach Nicole Beach Resort.  You can also access it through Punta Fuego or Munting Buhangin Beach Resort.


Nicole Beach Resort offers different accommodations such as the ones below to closely comply with guests’ preferences, needs and budget.

  • Huts
  • Cottages
  • Rooms
  • Villas

Amenities and Facilities

Volleyball – There is an outdoor volleyball court on the beach resort for guests who are fond of doing active and fun sports with their family and friends.

Snorkel – Guests who want to explore the different world underwater can try snorkeling at Nicole Beach Resort.  Guests will surely find wonderful and astonishing sea creatures that they have never seen before.

The water is also crystal clear so tourists won’t find it hard to have a clear view of the coral reefs, colorful fishes and other amazing sea creatures.  They could have a good clear shot on their waterproof cameras all the amazing things that they can see underwater.

Surf – Adventurous people can also try surfing on the beach and ride the waves that wash away the fine white sand on the coastline.  Whether you are a professional or newbie surfer, you will certainly enjoy the splash of water as you swiftly glide on the waters.

Aside from the fun and entertaining amenities, there is also a coffee shop inside Nicole Beach Resort.  Guests who want to relax and have a sip of aromatic coffee drinks can stay at the coffee shop while savoring the scenic view of the whole resort.

The coffee shop has a native theme to make the visitors feel the rustic theme of the resort and enable them to enjoy the natural feel and native ambiance of the place.  The shop is also open so tourists can feel the soft cool breeze coming from the sea while relaxing at their seat.

Nicole Beach Resort is also a place of spectacular sunset.  So if you want to experience an intimate sunset during your vacation, you ought to take time to watch the sun go down and disappear on the horizon to the calm waters of the sea.  You can also take a photo of the setting sun and let it naturally turn into an artwork of nature.  Then, share your masterpiece to your family and friends so you can share the uncanny yet wonderful feeling of spending an evening in one of the nicest and quietest beach resorts in the country.

7 Responses to Nicole Beach Resort

  1. harris

    how much the entrance fee?

  2. rea calague

    what is your cheapest accomodation?.
    how about the reservation?

  3. Julian Malaki


    Is there any available room for 2 for this coming sat-sun?


  4. milka laguerta

    how much is your room rate?do you have any promo this july?.

  5. jesan cabuga

    how much your overnight rate

  6. Nick

    magkano stay from mar 27 to mar 31, 2013?
    magkano per day/nyt for 2pax in 1 room two beds or 1 room twin bed?
    how to get there from nasugbu bus terminal?

  7. karla san antonio

    How much are the room rates good for 12pax overnight?

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