Maryland Beach Resort

If you want an unforgettable vacation, visit Maryland Beach Resort. Being one of the many famous Nasugbu resort, Maryland Beach Resort boasts its natural splendor to everyone who visits the place.  You will surely love the magnificent backdrop along with the refreshing sea breeze that will definitely soothe your senses.

Aside from the sparkling crystal clear water and fine white sand, the resort also provides very comfortable lodging to guests such as follows:

Nine (9) Air-conditioned Rooms

There are nine air-conditioned rooms in the resort that guests can choose from to accommodate their taste, needs and budget. The stylish and serviceable rooms are divided into three types:

  •  Three (3) Family Rooms- each room is adjacent to the swimming pools. Each room is also equipped with two double-size beds, breakfast table and private toilet and shower.
  • Four (4) DeLuxe Rooms- each room has a terrace that faces the swimming pools. Each is also equipped with two double-size beds and private toilet and shower.
  • Two (2) Suite Rooms- each room has a terrace fronting the beach and the swimming pools. Each room also has two queen-size bed, refrigerator, cable TV, mini kitchen, dining room, living room and private toilet and shower.

Ten (10) Non-Air Conditioned Rooms

There are also ten non-air conditioned rooms that guests on a budget can choose from. Though the rooms are not air-conditioned, the facilities and services rendered to guests in every room are still superb and amiable. Guests can choose from the three types of non-air conditioned rooms below:

  • Three (3) Poolside Cottages- each cottage has a double-size bed, breakfast table, private toilet and electric fan.
  • One (1) Duplex Poolside Cottage- each cottage has a terrace equipped with a table for leisure time. Each cottage also has its own full-size bed, private toilet and electric fan.
  • Six (6) Economy Cottages- these cottages also have their own terraces and benches. Each cottage also has a queen-size bed and electric fan.

There are also three Nipa huts that can accommodate ten to fifteen people each for day visits. The Damana beach shed, equipped with two picnic tables and benches, is also available for twenty to twenty five guests staying just for a day. Another 25 beach tents with picnic tables and chairs are also offered to groups of people. Each tent can accommodate up to twelve people at a time.

Amenities such as the ones indicated below are available to guests staying at Maryland Beach Resort.

  • Swimming Pools- the adult pool has a fountain and is adjoining the kid’s pool. Parents never have to worry about their kids being far while bathing at the pool because the two pools are connected to one another. Lifeguards are always on duty as well.
  • Kitchenette- although not all rooms are equipped with a kitchen, all guests can cook their own meals in the kitchenette at the resort. It is open to all guests.
  • Barbeque Grills- barbeque grills are also provided to guests who brought their own food.
  • Showers- there are showers that guests can use even if they only rented a beach tent or shed that has no private toilet and shower.
  • Volleyball- visitors can also enjoy playing volleyball at the beach using the resort’s ball.
  • Table Tennis- guests who love playing sports will also enjoy a match of table tennis with their friends and family.
  • Videoke- customers can sing their hearts out at the videoke available upon request.

The resort also has a souvenir shop for visitors who want to take home the memoirs of their splendid vacation.

Maryland Beach Resort is also one of Nasugbu resorts that offer catering services to companies or groups of people who organize activities and huge-scale picnics at the resort. There is a pavilion at the resort that can provide accommodation to such events.

The resort also provides services to special events such as:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Graduation parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Christenings

Come visit Maryland Beach Resort and experience the splendid vacation you are dreaming of.

7 Responses to Maryland Beach Resort

  1. renan sabido

    Good day!

    We are currently looking for a venue for our upcoming team building on April 25, 26 and 27 (3 days & 2 nights) and I am inquiring about cheap room rates, meals (3 lunch, 2 breakfast, 2 dinners, 2 morning snacks and 2 afternoon snacks), function room and if you are also servicing transportation from Manila (optional) for 70 persons.

    Thank you very much.

    Trully Yours,

    Budget Officer I

  2. annie kalagayan

    we are planning to have our honeymoon on march 24 to 27, please send me quotatation. thanks.

  3. kareen talabis

    hi, how much is the entrance fee for a day visit? and is it allowed to bring food and drinks.


  4. aurianne

    Good day! I would like to inquire of your overnight room rates and inclusions, and if you can accommodate pets, specifically a medium-sized dog. thanks!

  5. mhay baltazar

    please send me quotations prices please. thanks

  6. paris

    Hi..please send me your pricing/quotations for an overnight stay for a family..thank you :)

  7. Harold

    Pls send me quotation for non aircon room good for 15 person. Thanks!

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