Festivals in the Philippines

There are a lot of fun and exhilarating festivals in the Philippines.  Because of the rich culture and colorful history of the country, there are several Philippine festivals that Filipinos celebrate each year.  Most of the festivities during the festivals in the Philippines are based on religious beliefs, thanksgiving for a prosperous harvest and so on.

Some of the festivals in the Philippines that are celebrated annually in different parts of the country are:

Festivals in the Philippines

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Panagbenga Festival in Baguio – This floral festival that showcases floral floats and street dances lasts for the whole month of February each year.  The peak events in this festival are during weekends where various shows and dances are being held all over the town.

Philippine Festivals

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Sinulog Festival in Cebu – One of the most popular Philippine festivals, this festival which is held every third Sunday of January is for the celebration of the black Sto. Niño.  This celebration showcases colorful street dancing, dance competitions among groups from different parts of the country and other street programs.

Kadayawan Festival in Davao – Held every third week of August, this festival of good harvest of fruits and orchids would last a whole week.  There are floats of fruits and flowers being showcased on the streets while dancers wearing colorful costumes would dance along the streets.

But if you are from Manila and don’t have the time and budget to celebrate holidays on provinces that are quite far, you can check out the festivities in Batangas.  Aside from the popular Nasugbu Batangas beach resorts, there are also many festivities in the province that tourists, like you, can enjoy.

Sinuam (Egg Soup) Festival – Celebrated every 25th of April, this festival is the celebration of one of the main produce of Batangas.  Street dances and other entertaining events are held during the celebration of Sinuam Festival.

Sinukmani Festival – Held every 9th of June, Sinukmani Festival is the annual celebration of cooking and decorating Sinukmani or sticky rice cooked with sugar.

Fiesta de Toros – One of the most popular festivals in Batangas is the Fiesta de Toros in Nasugbu.  Held every 2nd of December, this festival is celebrated annually to honor their patron, St. Francis Xavier.  The highlights of the celebrations are the colorful parade of cows and carromatas as well as the blessing of the cows.  There is also a dance competition called Baila ala Toro, parade of papier-mâché cows and fireworks.

I know those festivities sound a lot of fun.  So if ever you decide to have a great time celebrating some native festivities, you should go to Batangas.  Not only does the place have a lot of festivals; there are also many Nasugbu Batangas beach resorts that you can visit after a long day of merriment.  Also, Nasugbu Batangas beach resorts are easy to reach from Manila so whether you only have little time for short holidays or have a whole week for getaways, you can easily go to Batangas and experience a one of a kind holiday.

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