A List of Batangas Beach Resorts with Swimming Pool

Batangas is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches, which is why this is the perfect location for people in Metro Manila if they are looking for a quick beach getaway during the weekend. It is just a 2-hour car ride from Metro Manila and it houses a lot of resorts. If you are looking for a resort that comes with a swimming pool, then you are on the right page. Here you will find a list of some of the best Batangas beach resorts with swimming pool.

Resorts in Batangas with Swimming Pools

Most people prefer to book resorts that have their own pool especially if they are going with children. This is because of the reason that the ocean is not very advisable for young children to stay long in because of the fact that they might get attacked by dangerous sea creatures such as jellyfishes. What are some Batangas beach resorts with swimming pool?

4V Beach Resort

Located at Nasugbu,Batangas, this resort has a huge swimming pool. The resort itself has beautiful types of rooms that you can choose from. One of the best beach resorts in Nasugbu that you shouldn’t miss at all. They offer very affordable rates as well as recreational activities that you can enjoy while you’re there.

• Canyon Cove Beach Resort

Batangas beach resorts with swimming pool

One of the best Batangas beach resorts with swimming pool in Nasugbu that has 208 luxurious rooms that are all furnished with deluxe amenities. There is a huge pool right at the center of the pool for children and adults. You will love the cozy private spaces in the area and the many recreational activities that you can participate in!

• Maryland Beach

Located at Nasugbu, Batangas, this is the most economical and first class quality beach resort in Batangas that comes with a swimming pool where you can cool off and relax after a long day at the sea.

El Cacar Beach resort

Formerly known as La Alpea Beach resort, this resort is definitely even better. They have 12 air-conditioned rooms, 3 air-conditioned nipa house and of course, a swimming pool for adults and children. The resort do has a wide selection of room types that you can choose from.

Those are some of the Batangas beach resorts with swimming pool that you can find particularly in the area of Nasugbu. Nasugbu has one of the best beaches in Batangas and it is also one of the most popular areas that are flocked by tourists. For a quick getaway, you should not miss any of these hotels.

Indeed, it is much better if the resorts come with their own swimming pools especially for children because they really don’t appreciate the beach so much and parents can be very overprotective and having a pool will ensure that their children are safe and at the same time, enjoying the water. Check out some of these resorts today and you will definitely love them. They are very affordable and they guarantee to provide you with the best beach experience.

photo credit: anton572 via photopin cc

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