Philippines’ Famous Nasugbu Batangas Beach Resorts

In the Philippines, there are numerous wonderful beach resorts up north. Most of the popular beach resorts in northern Philippines are Nasugbu Batangas beach resorts. This is because of the municipality’s extensive magnificent shorelines. The beach resorts built in the province are also magnificent, which added to the splendor of the beaches.

What are your Options?

Of course, we have the beaches down south, one of which is featured in the official Department of Tourism video:

We also have some of the famous beach resorts in Nasugbu Batangas. These resorts are known because of their pure white sand shorelines, pristine clear waters and magnificent scenery. Also, these beach resorts’ comfortable and efficient accommodations became their attraction and pride along with the amiable services they offer to each of their customers.


How to Get to Canyon Cove Beach Resort

Getting to Canyon Cove Beach Resort is really easy. Because most of Nasugbu Batangas beach resorts are lined up in the town’s magnificent extensive coastlines, it will not be hard to find it even if it is your first time getting here. You just need to follow simple road directions to be able to get … Continue reading

Famous Tourist Spots in Nasugbu Batangas

Nasugbu in Batangas has numerous tourist spots that travelers can choose from. This rural area has been a very popular destination among tourists who want to spend their vacation in a place where they can truly enjoy their stay. The numerous beach resorts along the extensive coastlines of Nasugbu are some of the several tourist … Continue reading

Beautiful Nasugbu Batangas Beach Resorts

There are lots of beautiful Nasugbu Batangas beach resorts that you can pay a visit when you are down south from the bustling city of Manila. Because of the extensive coastlines of Nasugbu Batangas, there are lots of wonderful beach resorts that scatter the place. You can try to visit multiple beach resorts within a … Continue reading

Punta Fuego Batangas: At Home Among the Beauty that Nasugbu Offers

Punta Fuego Batangas is a residential beach resort along the 88-hectare beach line of Nasugbu. This place is home to Mediterranean-inspired villas, a nine-hole golf course, a country club, a marina and a beach club. With its very fine white sand and pristine clear waters, it became a world-class residential beach resort. The place also … Continue reading

Batangas Beach Resorts: a Photographer’s Haven

Many photographers are checking out almost all of Batangas beach resorts because of the beauty these resorts possess. These resorts are photographer’s haven because of the different wonderful shots they can take within the beach resorts. Aside from the natural beauty that tantalizes the photographers, stylish and modern-day furniture are worth taking a photo of. … Continue reading

Batangas Beach Resorts: Tourists’ Favorite Getaway Haven

Batangas beach resorts are among tourists’ favorite summer destinations because of numerous reasons. Aside from being just a two-hour drive from Manila, Batangas beach resorts also boasts of breathtaking sceneries. Accommodations such as cottages, rooms and villas are also stylish and comfortable to stay in; perfect for people who want to relax and escape the … Continue reading

Nasugbu Batangas Beach Resorts: Two Popular Choices

Do you want to escape from tons of workloads and stress? Do you want to take a break for awhile but you are in doubt for what you will be needing is not just a one-day day off? Then why not try one of Nasugbu Batangas beach resorts. To get there, you may take a … Continue reading

Philippine Pride: Batangas Beach Resorts

Batangas beach resorts are popular tourist destinations in the Philippines especially during the summer season. Batangas beach resorts are well-known for their white sand beaches, unspoiled environment and amiable services. People from all over the world crowd the beaches of Batangas all-year round and savor the beauty of the white sand and sparkling clear water. … Continue reading

Get Mesmerized with Batangas Beach Resorts

Batangas is located south of Manila. It is popularly known for its aromatic Barako coffee, but more so for its breathtaking beach resorts scattered throughout its coastline. Be mesmerized with the richness of tropical surroundings the province has  to offer.  One would surely feel rejuvenated after spending some glorious time on a Batangas beach resort. … Continue reading